Bikefix are the ride's principal sponsor. This London-based shop is run by people passionate about the wider use of bikes in society, and is ever-ahead of new technologies and trends in all things bicycle. The shop operates a leading workshop, and is a testament to the bicycle as a means of bringing people together in a community.

Tout Terrain make enduring bikes in Freiburg, in the hills of Germany's Black Forest. Bikefix is presently the UK's only Tout Terrain retailer, and though you may not have heard of the company, this is largely because their resources are directed more towards the innovation of quality manufacturing, and less towards the production of user-friendly advertising. Tout Terrain will provide the frameset for my ride.

Even amongst the many independent bike shops in the town of Brighton, Baker Street Bikes stands apart from the rest. Working to a budget they provided me with the fantastic bicycle that I rode twice to Turkey, and they are providing the wheels for this record attempt.


As well as manufacturing the world's leading range of waterproof pannier bags, Ortlieb also work on outdoor conservation projects and the use of less environmentally damaging fabrics.

Tubus Carrier Systems are providing equipment to carry my bags. The racks are the strongest available, with each one hand-made from steel and vigorously tested before they leave the factory.

Ison are one of Britain's leading distributors of cycling equipment, supplying shops nationwide. Ison are supplying me with the Rohloff hub gear used by touring cyclists all over the world.

Madison are supplying me with all of my extreme weather clothing, from overshoes up to wind and rainproof jackets.

Adventure Trading Post, the European distributors for the 'Spot' GPS tracking system, are supplying all GPS equipment and support for the journey.

Brooks are a cycle accessory manufacturer who are supplying a saddle and grips for the journey. Handmade in Stratford-Upon-Avon the traditional way, their products are designed and crafted to be incredibly enduring and have a timeless style.

Run by friends and riding enthusiasts, Hope are an independent, Yorkshire-based firm that have become internationally renknowned for the manufacture of high-quality components.

Stanfords is a leading independent travel store. Foremost amongst their products is the greatest range of maps to be found anywhere under a single roof, allowing people to step outside of guide books and do their own travelling with their own routes.

Operating from their St Albans store, Outdoor Kit stock all leading outdoor brands, and cater to a range of camping needs, from serious expeditions to scout camps. They are providing me with the tent and cooking equipment for my journey.

Merlin Mason is a freelance graphic designer based in Leeds who designed and constructed this website. A BMX enthusiast for the last 12 years, he tries to spend as much time as possible designing for socially aware projects. Incidentally he doesn't like talking about himself in third person.

In addition to the above, I would also like to thank —

Two Wheels Good
The Garden Print Centre
London Copy Centre

all of whom have offered small donations of their products or services and have been greatly supportive of the ride.